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Rose Arianna Mc Gowan (born September 5, 1973, age 43) is an American film and television actress.

She is best known for her role as Paige Matthews in The Warner Bros.

The next day, Sammie had deleted a bunch of her tweets to or mentioning @TNTs Heart, and the account itself was finally deleted. Tracie pretty much immediately realized that Sammie had created Reese and then killed her to get attention, and that was the end of her relationship with Sammie. Well, Nev and Max basically just confirm what Tracie already figured out: Sammie is a real person who's into starting online relationships with marginal celebrities (this girl Marissa Von Bleiken; a writer/producer named Lotti that Tracie knows; Nickelodeon star Elizabeth Gillies who didn't sign off on being in the show and had her photos and Twitter handle blurred but who Nev fully outed on his own Twitter during the show and afterward so nice job respecting her wish for privacy, Nev, you fucking dope).

Then, for no real reason other than to make Sammie look like a creep, Max and Nev set up a meeting with Marissa and Lotti to discuss their interactions with various versions of Sammie.

Marissa comes with a bundle of physical fan mail, including a love poem Nev reads aloud. Though I guess it lets Lotti sit in front of a poster of her movie and reminds the world that Marissa is a person who exists!

Max and Nev just HAPPEN to meet back up with Tracie when she just HAPPENS to be winding up a singing rehearsal and we all just HAPPEN to hear the end of her song.

At a certain point, Reese started mentioning drugs she was on to treat an unspecified cancer and hinting around about how she hoped she'd live long enough to meet Tracie.

Through Sammie, Tracie "met" Reese, a friend of Sammie's, who was just as devoted to Tracie.

Does Nev filming Max while he tries to shield himself with a pillow constitute "rape-y" behavior?

She was the girlfriend of Marilyn Manson from late 1997, through their engagement the following year, to their break-up in late 2000 over "lifestyle differences".

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