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12-Sep-2017 10:47

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We do want to marry the same man and his name is Ben,” they duo said in a You Tube video announcing their engagement. Well, what else can I say but congratulations to the happy trio...?

Polygamy is still banned in Arizona, but there’s no punishment, so it’s the perfect place to get married to your twin sister and a dude named Ben, but not legally. The polygamous marriages in Arizona are "spiritual" unions rather than legal ones. "We’ve been with him for five years so he’s twinning and winning…“And now we’ve been thinking, how is this going to work? At first, Ben, 31, says he struggled to balance the competing demands of his identical 28-year-old girlfriends.Anna and Lucy De Cinque are Australian, thirty years old, and popular on social media. We’ve actually heard in Tuscon you can get married.” Earlier this year, they admitted on a morning TV show that they both sleep with him at the same time. We are not trying right now — we love children and kids love us, but it’s not the time for us.” “We would have to be exactly the same — even if we went through IVF at the same time.” The twins are reported to have spent an incredible £130,000 (0,266 USD) on plastic surgery to make themselves look completely identical.

They announced their engagement on You Tube, saying, “We’ve been with him for five years so he’s twinning and winning… It is definitely one of the stranger unions to have been made public.

It’s obvious the twins enjoy being completely, exactly, absolutely the same, and if they ever got the chance to fuse bodies and become one individual, I bet they would.

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