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When attorney and civil rights advocate Dana Nessel, 47, learned about the growing number of violent crimes committed against members of the LGBTQ community, she decided to turn her outrage into action.A conversation with her former boss, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy, about the rise in LGBTQ hate crimes confirmed Nessel’s determination to find a solution.According to FBI statistics gathered in 2015, nearly a fifth of the 5,462 reported “single-bias hate crimes” were attributed to the sexual orientation of the target.The same study showed LGBTQ people are twice as likely as African-Americans to be victimized, and that hate crimes against this population have surpassed those committed against Jews.

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She is currently working on her fifth book, Metaphorically speaking, young people are swimming in media.

A documentary film premiering Wednesday evening on Israeli television sheds light on a dark corner of what is already the blackest of historical events.

“Screaming Silence,” which will be broadcast on the eve of Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day, is about a topic which few, even World War II scholars, have dared to broach in public before: sexual abuse of children during the Holocaust.

Ronnie Sarnat devoted six years to producing “Screaming Silence.” She was determined to deal with a difficult subject that others have refused to research and speak about.

“The Holocaust research establishment doesn’t think that the Holocaust and sex go together,” she asserts.“This decision is a setback for Jewish unity and the essential ties that bind Israel and American Jews, the two largest centers of Jewish life in the world.”The board of governors for the U.