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23-Sep-2017 15:45

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Double Your Dating is a training course that offers guys the means by which to learn the essentials of dating.Like so many other like training courses, it promises to make guys have more success with women.Sign up for classes, whether that’s French cooking or tango.Go to church, have lunch with people from the office and do charity work.It doesn’t mean he is ready to fight every guy that looks at you too long, but he will always look to keep you out of harm’s way.When a man starts to stop you from having a life outside of him, now he is being possessive.

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But he has to know after the second date that he is competing with other men (because it brings out the best in them: their innate chivalry, their hibernating romantic).

If you don’t mind raising a grown boy, then do as you wish, but know what you’re setting yourself up for.