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22-Aug-2017 23:18

‘Starting a family is something we’ve joked about pretty much from day one,’ said Simon.

‘But we don’t want to get married just because we’re having a baby.

When not at work, Danny enjoys family time with her husband and three children, which usually entails providing transport to the various sporting and social events in their busy diaries.

Dani Harmer has revealed that she’s expecting her first child – congrats!

Speaking to previously, Dani said: "People still see me as a teenager.

I did the Rocky Horror Show a couple of years ago and some people were like, 'Hang on…Tracy Beaker's going to be in her underwear on stage?

Her roles ranged from New Business Manager and Regional Director to HR Director for the Lloyds TSB, Halifax and Bank of Scotland branch networks.this year, but obviously I didn't get it," he said."I don't want to take anything away from Dani whatsoever, but I think it might have been a case of choosing between me or her, purely because of the fact that we'd been on ."When I first heard about maybe getting it, I was so excited - I really wanted to do it. I sort of got it into my head that I hadn't got it.His sidekick Goliath (Little John) was played with convincing charm by Craig Garner, the little man turning on his evil overlord and falling in love with Red Riding Hood to ensure a happy ending was had by all.

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Panto stalwart Dani Harmer - many will remember her as Tracy Beaker - is back again on the Weymouth Pavilion stage, this time as Maid Marion.

REVIEW ROBIN HOOD EASTER PANTOMIME WEYMOUTH PAVILION WE were sprayed with water and there was ritual humiliation of some members of the audience. Mark James as Friar Tuck held the proceedings together with his madcap humour and a running ‘magic card trick’ gag involving a nonplussed Polish woman he dragged onstage and who clearly didn’t have a clue what was going on - which was amusing in itself.