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Elisabeth Eckleman just left home, and has a lot of difficult decisions ahead of her. I carefully type an email to Raj about missing the study session. This is the exact week we met,” she says, pointing to the screen. It’s the exact week 10 other girls probably did, too. “Look, Kat, I’m not sure Geoff’s the right guy for you.” She cuts me a look. ” “For one thing, he still doesn’t know that ‘a lot’ is two words.” She laughs. Spelling has no bearing on a person’s sexiness.” “See, that’s where you’re wrong.” I cover my eyes with a pillow. “Maybe you just want him for yourself,” she says, mouth full of chips. “Much, thanks.” We lock eyes, and I feel a little spike in my pulse. ” “No one showed,” he says, combing a hand through his hair. That’s ridiculous.” I suddenly feel outrage at all the students who asked for extra credit and then blew it off. “I thought the offer of adult beverages would be enough,” he says, shaking his head.

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The moment you hear Oberst sing, though, you will forget every single one of these facts and remember every positive negative association you have with Bright Eyes instead*—*there’s just no mistaking him for anyone else at this point, and it’s unclear how he feels about that.Sometimes celebrities would pair off: It was before the introduction of Facebook Fan pages or the creation of Twitter, when the idea of inserting a celebrity into our quotidian lives was a way of expressing our appreciation in a more clever way than wearing a band T-shirt.Few of us had entertained the idea that we might soon interact with celebrities in the same digital spaces where we conducted our social lives.Now that celebrities and mere mortals share their lives on the same platforms, there is an asymmetrical feeling of intimacy: The fan can follow the celebrity with great attention, and the celebrity can broadcast their life without giving a thought to the massive public audience at the receiving end.

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With the old hurdles of gaining access to celebrities removed, fans have an unprecedented sense of connection to the private lives of their idols.Besides possessing one of the strongest melodies Oberst has ever penned (and there are plenty here), “Time Forgot” is a welcome reintroduction to the guy who never had trouble getting his point across.

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