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01-Sep-2017 04:24

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This picture shows hexagonal saucers in Badwater Basin that are approximately 2 - 2.5 metres in diameter.

These are part of larger-scale features that are also hexagonally-shaped and can be seen from Dante's View nearly 6000 feet (1800 m) above.

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After touring endlessly during the late nineties to promote their first two albums, released independently in their native Canada, Nickelback finally secured a record deal at the end of the decade.Featuring a guest appearance by Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, All the Right Reasons proved to be a monster hit for Nickelback, with sales quickly topping the seven million mark in the United States alone.Although the album featured a number of hit singles, undoubtedly the most successful was Rockstar.The resulting album, Silver Side Up, was a huge success and reached the top of the album charts in the UK, Ireland and Canada.

The lead single from the album, How You Remind Me, achieved platinum status in the UK and hit the No. More top 10 hits were soon to follow in the form of Too Bad and Someday.2005 saw the release of the album All the Right Reasons.

Artist's Drive rises up to the top of an alluvial fan fed by a deep canyon cut into the Black Mountains.