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Spending time mingling with the locals in colourful villages exposes us to the wholly unique culture that has evolved on this special land and our trip to the Blue Grotto, the fabled home of the Sirens, has us delving into a realm of myth and legend.

I will cherish great memories of Malta thanks to your well-organized tour and kind, professional and efficient staff.

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Broadband package choices include Sky Broadband Limitless (which gives download speeds of up to 17Mb/s) and Sky Fibre (with or without limits, offering download speeds of up to 38Mb).This magical city has a wholly unique atmosphere and having remained largely undamaged by the Second World War, boasts mazes of cobblestone alleys, mediaeval courtyards and historic site by the dozen.We visit the castle, the Old Town, the Jewish Quarter and Wenceslas Square, allocating enough time to let the poignant beauty of this metropolis sink in and then it's off to tour Renaissance chateaux, Gothic fortresses and the world-famous spa town of Karlovy Vary.She (Sama) always had answers on local sites, events or activities.

Furthermore, because of her numerous travels, she was able to help us with information on other countries for those who were going elsewhere after Malta.

As we make our way through glorious Hungarian countryside, stopping in at villages to mingle with friendly locals, taste local culinary delicacies and get a feel for rural lifestyle, we discover that there's so much more to this country than its famously bewitching capital.